Cooksmill Netsystems

Special Graphic Advertising Campaign

( Actual Ad Size - 200x200 )

Targeted Advertising Campaign

Ideal exposure for:
Freight / Logistics Companies,
Equipment Suppliers
Promotion of Auctions, Events

Promote your Auction or Events with graphic advertising.

  • Exposure of your auction or event worldwide with high value positioning over the network of sites operated by Cooksmill NetSystems, getting maximum return on your investment.

  • Your advertisement would be strategrically placed throughout the relevant sites in our network for maximum exposure (up to 50 different sites)

    Rotating Ads - Ideal for:

  • Freight / Logistics Companies,
  • Container/Bag Companies, and
  • Promotion of Auctions and Events

    Customized Packages
    to Fit Your Budget

    Contact Us Today
    to discuss this opportunity for YOUR company
    Phone: 801 531 0404 (8am-5pm EST)

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