Targeted Visibility Campaigns

( Actual Ad Size - 200x200 )

Targeted Advertising Campaign
We design and operate strategic engineered programs that identify and convert prospective customers into Hot Qualified Leads

Ideal exposure for
Freight / Logistics Companies, Equipment Suppliers, Promotion of Auctions, Events

Targeted Visibility Campaigns

Enhansed Exposure for your
Company, Product, Service or Event

Graphic Ad Packages

Rotating Ads - Ideal exposure for
Freight / Logistics Companies,
Container/Bag Companies, and
Promotion of Auctions and Events

Performance Based Campaign Tracking

Cooksmill NetSystems utilizes its network
to funnel and filter
Converting Eyeballs into Leads

Delivering real time information services - On-line Transaction Reporting Services.
Cooksmill NetSystems - On-Line Since 1995

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