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How It Works

Enhance your web site with free content and services which include:

  • Calendar of Events Boxes: Display a list of upcoming events
  • Online Market Prices: Displays a market "yardstick", showing market prices for specific recyclable materials and secondary commodities.
  • Exchange Submit Boxes: Display a Buy/Sell/Trade submission box
  • News: Online news source on global recycling issues
  • Finder Services: Customers can submit requests to help locate any of the following:

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Recycling Industry Jobs
Domain Names
Recycling Equipment
Metal Equipment
Freight Services

Why should you Join the Affiliate Program?

By working with our affiliate program, website publishers can provide their users with valuable and unique information and services. The content provided is maintenance free, which means no work for the publisher. The only job the publisher has is to paste the provided HTML codes on their website and Cooksmill NetSystems will do the rest. Best of all, this is a free service provided by Cooksmill NetSystems.

Affiliate Program Revenue Sharing

Cooksmill NetSystems also offers an Affiliate Revenue Sharing Program where the publisher has the potential to generate revenue. The process is the same as described above. Publishers place the provided HTML codes on their website.  When a user follows an affiliate link from a publisher’s website and purchases and uses Pay-Per-Lead credits on any of the sales and information leads provided to the user, the publisher will share in the revenue of the spent credits.

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