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Basic Membership

Effective Immediately
Basic Membership will now allow you to retrieve replies
from all your exchange listings,
across all categories (no limits)
from related sites in the
Cooksmill NetSystems Network

Basic Membership Monthly
cost of service $ 39 US $ 390 US

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  1. The ability to post exchange listings for items you wish to Buy, Sell or Trade and receive all replies to these listings from existing members and non-members during the duration of your membership.
  2. The ability to reply to Buy, Sell, Trade Exchange Listings that are online, sending your contact information to the company/person that has made the listing.
  3. Access to the contact information of the online directory listings of associations, publications, trade and equipment related companies and organizations.
  4. Access to view the Daily Spot Market Prices

Basic Membership


  1. All services are provided on a prepaid basis. Activation of Basic Membership occurs immediately upon receipt of payment in full.
  2. This service may be purchased on a monthly or annual basis through our easy on-line sign-up system via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted) or through PayPal.
  3. Annual prepaid members receive 12 months of service for the price of 10 months

Not Included

Access to contact information of buy/sell/trade exchange listings posted by others. For this a Trader Access Membership is required.

Other Membership Options:

Traders Access Service     |      Price Subscriptions

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