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Scrap Metals

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Scrap Metals

If you are an aggressive dealer, trader or recycler, you have the opportunity to subscribe to all 26 categories of scrap metals on an annual pre-paid basis

(a $ 13,000 value)

$ 6,500

Special Package

Contact our office today for more information and to reserve your package!
Phone: 1-801-531-0404 - call Sandy (8am - 5pm EST - Monday to Friday)

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Trader Access Service

Trader Access Services
no need to visit our website to see new listings subscribe to
Trader Access Service
and new listings (including contact info) are automatically emailed to you in real time typically 10 minutes to 24 hours before listings are posted online.

$ 50 /category/month

$ 500/category on Annual Prepaid

Trader Access Service

Scrap Metals Categories

  1. Aluminum Scrap

  2. Bronze & Brass Scrap

  3. Copper Scrap

  4. Lead Scrap (Pb)

  5. Magnesium Scrap (Mg)

  6. Scrap Mercury Recovery (Hg)

  7. Tin Scrap (Sn)

  8. Titanium Scrap (Ti)

  9. Tungsten Scrap (W)

  10. Zinc Scrap

  11. Used/Reusable Non Ferrous Metals

  12. Lead/Acid Battery Recycling

  13. Nickel Content Battery Scrap

  14. Other Battery Recycling

  15. Electronic Scrap

  16. Used Steel and Seconds

  17. Scrap Steel & Iron

  18. Mill Prepaired Steel Scrap

  19. Railroad Scrap & Ship Breaking

  20. Stainless Steel Alloy Scrap (Ni, Co, Mo, Cr)

  21. Scrap Gold Recovery (Au)

  22. Silver Recovery (Ag)

  23. Scrap Platinum Group Metals

  24. Scrap Catalytic Converters

  25. Mixed Precious Metals

  26. Other Exotic Metals Scrap

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