About Hot 50
Fresh Leads Generated over the Past 50 Hours

The Hot 50 Feed

Lead Generation

  • HOT 50 is a Fresh Real-Time Feed of people that have expressed an interest in buying or selling products within the last 50 hours.

  • Hot 50 is a Premium service that allows you to purchase the contact information of these people, ONE (1) lead at a time.
    (you will never be solicited to purchase the contact information for same person twice)

    Cost : $10.00 US per lead

  • Upon successful completion of purchasing a Hot 50 lead, the contact information will be emailed to you.

  • HOT 50 is an electronic information service designed to bring buyers and sellers together.
  • Contact information for a HOT 50 lead is provided for information purposes only.
  • You will need to contact these people directly in order to make a deal.

  • HOT 50 assumes no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller.
  • Please remember that you are responsible to perform your own due diligence on any prospective counter party that you deal with.

  • Invalid Information ? No problem. If for some reason the lead you purchase has invalid information, like a phone number, bad email address, etc. simply report this to us with the link provided in your email and you will be issued a credit to be used for your next purchase.

    Please note: *** Your email address is VERY IMPORTANT ***
    When making your purchase pay careful attention entering your email address.
    If your email address is not entered correctly you will not receive the information you have purchased.

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